I've created this blog to advocate for these beautiful kids on behalf of Reece's Rainbow organization.
Even if you are not in the position to adopt, there are other ways that you can help. Please spread the word, donate to grants, or pray for loving families to adopt the orphans. Please go to http://reecesrainbow.org/waystohelp for more info.

                UPDATED NEWS: I am adopting! Visit My Adoption Journey for updated news. If you can donate towards my cause, I would really be grateful for the                   support. It is a beautiful journey; one that can spark a major difference in at least two human lives… Thank you and God Bless!

Monday, August 6, 2012


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There is much to be done, but I've been putting my heart and soul into building a dream world for our Romeo.

Some updates on Fundraising:

I'm beginning an Etsy account to sell a lot of the vintage items I have at home. I'll send the links soon!

Also, I am planning to host An Adoption Pizza Party! It's like a baby shower, but with a lot of pizza for everyone to munch on. Bring your kids and have some fun in the pool and in our newly built ADVENTURE HOUSE!


Thank you for your support,
It means the world to me!



Here's my ROMEO!

I am traveling overseas for my adoption court at the End of August...

Wish me luck!!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The most beautiful kind of love is the love that a mother gives to her child.

When I first embarked on my mission to save children on Reece’s Rainbow, I knew that my motherly instincts were still fully intact. I woke up every morning feeling as if each of those children, with their unique smiles and stories, were like my own. I am certain that there is a child out there that is truly missing me as his Mother...

My dream is to adopt a little boy from Eastern Europe. We haven’t found each other yet, but I know that he is out there waiting for me as patiently as I am here looking for him. I feel blessed to still be able to be a mother for a child, living in another part of this world. I've given my two daughters everything that I could and now, that they are on their own, I feel that I have more to give.

Here is background information on my life in a nutshell: I was born in Moscow, Russia and completed my Masters in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at the Moscow Technical University. In 1993, I immigrated to the US from Russia with my two daughters. My oldest daughter received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Yale University and is now completing her Masters in Literature at the University of Chicago. My youngest daughter received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Visual Arts at Fordham University, in New York. She is now a painter and an illustrator in New York City. They are two adorable and unique girls. The oldest loves to read books and likes to share her knowledge with people, and feels content when she's been able to teach someone something interesting. The yongest, on the other hand, prefers to share her colorful illustrations with everyone she encounters. Her main goal is to put a smirk or smile on someone's face.

I work at the IT department in an Insurance company and live in Pennsylvania with my elderly Mom and two, very child-friendly dogs (a chihuahua named Jimi Hendrix and a pomeranian named Franz Kafka). I am a huge animal-lover and, when my girls were growing up, we had all sorts of animals.

I enjoy visits from my daughters and dedicate the rest of my free time to volunteering, gardening, reading, cooking and downhill skiing. I have been given so much in this life that I'd like nothing else but to give back by sharing love with a little boy. I wish for nothing else than to see my future son blossom being loved and happy.

God Bless You!
With Love and Hope,